Chasing Shadows Part 2

The allure of chasing after specific shadows grows more enticing every day. As these shadows continue to dazzle and fascinate me, the more I realize I must keep going after them with all I got.

These days, I feel like I have more pieces of the puzzle in place to allow me to keep making forward progress, which means my shadow chases are less daunting and elusive. With things closer to my grasp than ever before, someday … just  someday … I may finally catch a shadow for once.

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Certain Carrots

Though I have very specific goals in mind for the next few months, I will be honest and admit I will definitely jump at an opportunity to chase after certain carrots dangling in front of me.

On a side note,  congrats to Briana’s younger brother getting engaged!

Entrapped in One’s Bubble

At my worse, I found myself trapped in my own “bubble” of sorts.

I kept myself hidden behind an invisible, make-believe barrier that supposedly shielded me from the world.

Little did I know at the time, I was in full-blown denial about my various problems.

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Everyone likes feeling validated. The sense of being acknowledged for something, especially if you are perceived as competent, is a driving force for many people out there.

For me, I have been thinking a lot more about my professional future and where I want to be in the next coming months. Many scenarios that play out in my mind have me “moving on” with my life.

Sometimes, all you have to guide you is your heart, and mine beats to the tune of me unleashing my real potential as an individual.

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Hitting the Books

I learn things differently. It took me awhile before I came to grips with this fact, but it is the only logical conclusion as to why I do not understand things like “normal” people.

This can be traced all the way back to as early as elementary school. Now, I wouldn’t call myself “slow” per se, but I’ll throw out there that I would need very specific teaching methods to get the gears in my head working properly.

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Leap of Faith

For a lot of things in life, there is no turning back once you commit to an action. After an initial leap of faith, what else can you feasibly do but see what happens next? Do you free fall toward your demise or do you finally get to somewhere that for too long you thought was unreachable?

I am at this point in my life. In a situation riddled with uncertainty and doubt, I kind of know what I want to do in the next coming months, but I am unsure of how to get there. Continue reading

Not Lost in Translation

Everyone has as at least one particular “hobby” that can be a bit peculiar/different. For me, a random thing I really like to do is find the English versions of anime openings and endings, whether they are professional or fandub caliber.

I find it interesting to see if someone can translate a Japanese-based song into an English equivalent. Sometimes, getting a good translation is quite challenging/impossible based on a given song’s syllables and rhythm, but some people pull it off admirably at times. Good/decent vocals, of course, help as well.

Below are some random examples of what I mean.

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The Swing of Things

I definitely suffer from mood swings. It is evident in how certain sides of me reveal themselves here and there, particularly the extremely angry and vehement personality.

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