Powerful Persistence


I have learned that one needs to persist, persist and persist if results want to be achieved. Being lazy about pursuing a given goal is not how you want to get things done. Ever.

Sudden Change … Again


I have experienced lots of sudden and abrupt changes that force me to adjust on the fly, especially in these past two years filled with awkwardness and moments of uncertainty plus despair all rolled into one strange package. Once again, I am compelled to rethink my plans for the future.

Nonetheless, I find myself pleasantly content with the new challenges that await me, particularly in regards to how it will affect my various self-imposed objectives.

I guess a lot of this has to do with my brighter viewpoint on life, where every obstacle is not an impossible hurdle to overcome but a test of willpower and patience to be tenacious when the going gets tough. Well, my circumstances have gotten significantly more difficult, but I am not stressing … at least not yet. If life were easy, we would all be living in the lap of luxury, sipping on cool glasses of lemonade without a care in the world.

But news flash – life is hard. Life will try to break you down any chance it gets, and it will show no mercy doing it.

I am not afraid of these looming difficulties anymore, but instead I am more than confident at taking them head on with unsheathed claws!

Make an Entrance


If there is one thing I have learned from watching Japanese anime, TV shows or movies, it is that the Japanese culture really LOVES roll calls and transformation sequences (actually, I think Asian cultures in general love roll calls). There is something about taking turns and calling out your name while doing some kind of sequence plus pose that makes my inner five-year-old go nuts. Of course, it is apparently disrespectful to disturb a roll call sequence in progress, but this is a different matter altogether.

Below is a random example using footage from the Super Sentai series (commonly known as Power Rangers to westerners). There are some stylish and cool elements about something that one could chalk up as a very Japanese thing to do.

Dat roll call.

Up a Notch


I have not figured out an official name for my plan of attack for the next upcoming months to get my life on track, but the pieces are starting to fall in place. I now have a deviantART account. Check it out if you want to catch a glimpse of my world.

Be warned – there will be cats. >^..^<

Around the Corner


The year 2012 is right around the corner. With this, it means a lot of things for me to consider.

The answers may not be obvious, but I always have the main goal in mind – TO SUCCEED.



It is definitely a good thing that feeling even a bit selfish “hurts” me. It makes me want to balance out the universe with some unselfish acts on the double.

Slipping Standards


So I came across this news brief yesterday about my old high school and its slipping standards.

SPOKANE, Wash.—Rogers High School in Spokane is among 57 schools on a statewide list of the lowest achieving schools in state.

The state used reading and math scores from 2009 and 2011, graduation rates, and ability to meet federal benchmarks to make the list.

Rogers High School recently received a federal grant to boost its graduation rate to 85% by 2014.

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God Knows


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A Looming Idea – To Make Videos


I have thought about this for a long time – perhaps I should start making some YouTube videos. There have been many reasons as to why I have not done so already.
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Your True Self


There are days where I think my “true” self is trapped inside me, unable to be seen by others on the outside. There are definitely moments where I want people to see the real me, my actual capabilities, my best strengths as a person and so forth, but alas circumstances can make this quite the challenge.

If others will not take the time to see the real you, I have realized that one must work even harder at letting your true self reveal itself for the world to see.

I hope someday everyone will truly get what I am all about as an individual.


Practice What You Preach


So in my various games of “League of Legends,” I recently suffered a long losing streak where I kept tasting defeat, one match after another. Due to my escalating frustrations, I gradually became like a gambler who did not know when to draw the line before things got out of hand. My player rating dropped to a low level, so now I have to spend a lot time and energy to get back to a respectable point on the ranked mode ladder. However, I do intend to aim high in the grand scheme of things.

The thing is, I am baffled as to why I let myself become bogged down by so much negativity.

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