I’ve been a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals since my freshman year of college. The helmet and uniforms got me to start liking the team – they are just so cool in my book!

It’s been tough being a Cincy fan for this whole time, especially when you’re someone like me who lives in Washington. The Bengals have found great success, they have had horrible seasons and there are times when they play so badly they earn their other moniker – the Bungles. Nonetheless, I stuck by the Bengals through thick and thin.

But this season has been a great one so far. Off to a 5-2 start as a team that wasn’t supposed to win more than four games, this newer batch of Bengals has brought forth a newfound sense of excitement, a type of energy that is inspirational and thrilling to watch.


Good Food


So my hands have been cut, my legs ache and I feel a bit weary in general – ahh, there is nothing like coming home after working for hours at a restaurant.

My part-time job is dishwashing at a small, but cozy Chinese restaurant called Gordy’s Sichuan Cafe. This restaurant only holds roughly a dozen tables for guests, but this doesn’t discourage people from queuing up at the door to have a bite. This place is deceptively very good, a real gem for the Spokane area and its rave reviews and various restaurant awards can attest to this fact.

But PR stuff aside, I have a lot of respect for the restaurant business in general. Continue reading

Starting Up


The startup company I work for has finally posted a very significant character on its webpage. I will admit the website is very bare bones right now (I don’t have even have a bio yet), but the company intends to aim high. And with my efforts, I will do everything in my power to help this company succeed in the long haul.

Never Alone


I used to be Mr. Lonely all of the time. Too reluctant to admit my own desolation, I tried to put up a front that everything was OK for me, that everything was all good when they weren’t. Continue reading

Johnny Style


Recently, I’ve been stuck in a mental slump of sorts where I’ve been finding it challenging to do things at my very best. Some examples include how writing my comic book’s story has been increasingly difficult, my other writing projects have been left on the back burner for quite a while and I had to grind through lots of separate losing streaks in “League of Legends.” At first, I attributed this to some sort of exhaustion, but now I believe it’s because I wasn’t doing things in my own way.

My main way of thinking is linked to my gamer type – the Johnny archetype. Simply put, Johnny people prefer doing things in their own manner. The key is, Johnny players may disregard optimal decisions for the sake of individuality/creativity. For instance, a Johnny person may do something a tad slower than someone else if the “main” method doesn’t suit them. Continue reading

Art Attack Part 2


This is a touched-up color job of a sketch for “The Coug.” Different versions to show the improvements in quality. Original sketch drawn by Michael Hancock. Coloring by Kenion Butler.

Consistent Effort


It’s time to take a new approach on how I accomplish things.

As opposed to trying to do a whole lot in a short span of time, I should instead try to do something consistently every day until I have finished products to show.

Consistent effort. Continue reading