Catching Z’s


Going to bed and then waking up at about the same times every day has been a weird transition to get back into. Before, my whole sleeping schedule had been so erratic, so inconsistent. There would be nights where I would go to sleep late into the morning and wake up at noon, and then there could be nights where I would sleep early and wake up mid-morning.

Sleeping at normal times is one step toward an assemblance of a normal, stable lifestyle.

Early Journalism Memories


Taking a look at my days of high school Yearbook during senior year has brought back a lot of memories. Yearbook was part of the reason I ended up majoring in communication/journalism in college. I realized I was comfortable with putting words and pictures together to tell a story.

I was so different back then.



Pham Fact: I Love the Word ‘Strategy’


Strategy is easily one of my favorite words in the world. I love the notion of strategy, the implied tactics associated with it.

One of my favorite elements in gaming is the tactical part of it, where devising a new means of playing the game to attain victory becomes necessary as your skill level rises. It is extremely fun for me to win with strategies I come up with for a given game.

League of Legends” just recently released its Dominion mode, so now I will have something different to strategize new methods to win at the game.



Life is actually starting to pick up speed in a direction that’s ideal.

I feel like I am starting to develop the confidence to take back things that I lost throughout this past year.

Things are turning full circle … finally!

Solving the Incomplete Puzzle


After college graduation more than a year and a half ago, I thought I had a clear picture in my mind for what I wanted to happen. I had very specific ideals and goals I wanted to achieve, but I ended up not accomplishing much of anything as time went on.

Life’s puzzle for me at this point seemed hopeless and impossible to solve. I felt frustrated and incompetent because I couldn’t get the pieces to fit.

This led to my worst experiences in my life, where nothing but sadness and shame made up my well-being. I had brief moments of joy when I managed to slap a few chunks of the big picture together, but all of the completed areas were not enough to tell me what life wanted me to do. Continue reading

Star Signs


I’ve never been that into Zodiac signs. I don’t do things like check my daily horoscope or anything, but I do find the concept interesting.

For the longest time, I just knew I was a Leo because I was born on July 30. Of course, with this being the cat symbol of the regular 12 Zodiac signs, I just attributed this as a reason for my love of felines.

But then the news stories about people’s Zodiac symbols possibly changing had some people confused. Apparently, I shifted from being a Leo to becoming a Cancer.


After doing a bit of  research, I realize I am definitely more of a Cancer than a Leo in a lot of ways. Continue reading

My Kind of Music – “Closer (English Dub)” by Joe Inoue


A fitting song for my situation and brighter outlook on life.

All that is near us
We must know
Could disappear any day
Be careful
The main key to finding happiness
Lies nowhere else but in my soul Continue reading

Crossroads in a Writer’s Life


I’ve found myself sort of perplexed as to which path I want to end up at, as far as being a writer goes. For a long time, I’ve told others that my main writing talents lie in the technical side of things: spelling, grammar, simplicity and whatnot.

However, when I first began writing “The Coug,” I had to switch gears back toward a style I didn’t really delve much into since like fifth grade. Back in the day (and I mean way back then), I really liked daydreaming stories in my mind. There was something about coming up with random tales for the mere sake of it that was very fun and appealing to me. But I would find that coming up with the stories and writing them would be two different ballgames altogether.

Cooking up the tales was the easy part, but to blast out a few hundred words for the story to make sense to others – now that was a challenge even back then. Continue reading

Color Coded


Rikki showed me this – The Colors of Good vs. Evil: Comic Book Color Palettes [infographic].

It’s an interesting analysis on common color schemes for popular superheroes and villains. I am glad my superhero falls into the good category.

Knowledge is Power


It’s the cool part about learning – you never have to stop. You can learn so much if you just put forth some effort with an open mind to soak up information like a sponge. I believe having knowledge is extremely important, both for practical uses and for personal enlightenment. I’m ready to learn even more at this point in my life.



Weekends are a great time for me to root for my favorite cat teams in sports. On Saturday, it’s all crimson and gray as the Washington State Cougars storm the gridiron for college football. And then Sundays are for rooting for the NFL team in stripes, the Cincinnati Bengals, as they represent the Queen City.

I used to get EXTREMELY upset when my favorite teams would lose, and rightfully so this is to be expected. However, certain defeats would sting more than others, and my whole days could be ruined. It also doesn’t help that my favorite teams also happen to have a lot “curses” in the sense that some of the worst losing streaks are affiliated with these respective teams. Continue reading